Production Ocean Safety & Risk Management Services

Ocean Risk and Management Experts - The Hawaiian Water Patrol

The Hawaiian Water Patrol was founded by Terry Ahue and Brian Keaulana both former Honolulu City and County Lifeguards.

As they are the foremost experts in Hawaii Ocean Safety and Rescue, Salt and Air Studios works closely with the Hawaiian Water Patrol to ensure every shoot filming in or near any body of water is planned, permitted, coordinated with safety of the crew and talent as the highest priority.

Salt + Air has worked with the Hawaiian Water Patrol on hundreds of features, commercials, documentaries and other shows in Hawaii, Tahiti, Fiji and other areas of the world.

Brian Keaulana, Terry Ahue and the Hawaiian Water Patrol team is known as the best in the world when it comes to Ocean Safety & Rescue with significant credits as Second Unit Director, AD, Producer and Stunt Coordinator.

Our unique and long working relationship with the Hawaiian Water Patrol ensures your project -- no matter how crazy -- can be done safely.