Hawaii Film Production Scouting

The Hawaiian Archipelago is the most remote island chain in the world.
Our Hawaii location scouts know it like the back of their hands.

Due to its unique geography, the island chain boasts 11 of the 13 known climate zones providing one location to film diverse looks found in Asia, The Americas, Pacific Rim, Africa and elsewhere. Beyond Hawaii's natural beauty and idyllic weather is a highly skilled and complete film industry.

Countless commercials and feature films have shot in the Hawaiian islands. 50 First dates, Tropic Thunder, The Descendants, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Soul Surfer, Jurassic Park, and even legends like Blue Hawaii featuring Elvis Presley. Hiring an ace Hawaii location scout will be one of the most important decisions a Producer will make when evaluating where to shoot their Show.

Salt and Air Studios has the best location scouts and location managers in Hawaii. Send us your Treatment, Lookbook, Script and we'll use our database to show you the best locations in the islands to match the vision.

We're ready to start scouting locations for your next Hawaii shoot.